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Encounters of the Slurred Kind

pick your poison, or someone will pick for you. / encounters with wild animals and wolves. you are drunk or poisoned. perhaps you are both. who made that choice?

Killing Time

can you save yourself? do you know what he died for? / a murder mystery. prove your innocence and his. he died for a reason — discover the reason.

Realm of Fate

fate and fortune cannot be tempted. can you? / you do not always like what you hear. or where you hear it. or why you hear it. or who tells it to you. remember: fortune is a fickle mistress.

Date with Death

the one true unknown / death meets you. death loses you. death reels you in again and invites you to a masquerade ball in the outland planes

The Drowning Game

these encounters are only as dangerous as you make them.. / there is more than one way of drowning: in water, in sorrow, in riches, in debt, in love, in regret. tell me: which one will you fall for?

Burning Bridges

you can’t keep everything.. / what a fickle thing, to trust somebody. what a tragic thing, to know you were wrong. is the right decision ever to let go?





Main Page

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